Sunday, March 29, 2009

April 5th Prize Winners!!

Out of 114 entries last week, my Dear Hubby shook up the box and did the honors of picking 3 winners!

And the winners are:
eBay ID: philt175 (Winner of a Charm Pack of her choice from my store)
eBay ID: theitkamp (Winner of a Boutique MousePad of her choice from my store)
eBay ID: allbright212 (Winner of a Boutique Rag Quilt Purse KIT of her choice from my store)

Congratulations to the winners!

* All entrants from March 24th through April 30th are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing which will be a wonderful new Boutique Rag Quilt.

Happy eBaying!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrate Spring ~ Wonderful Prizes!

Ahhh Spring ~ a time of renewal, new beginnings, fresh starts.

Even if the weather doesn't always co-operate, WE know that spring is here by the way we feel. Even in challenging times of our lives, there is just something about Spring that brings new hope.

So let's celebrate that feeling together by sharing our dreams, ideas, hopes, tips, comments, and even descriptions of our current projects with each other.

PeppersAttic Celebrate Spring Giveaway ~ prizes every week, and a wonderful Grand Prize Drawing at the end of April.

PRIZES: Weekly prizes are drawn every Sunday night and include Boutique MousePads, Fabric, Mystery Boxes, Boutique Rag Quilt Purse. GRAND PRIZE will be a fabulous Rag Quilt. (Details & Photo's are posted each week.)

Entries for the giveway can be earned in a variety of ways:

1. Earn one entry for every day that you post in this blog (you must include your eBay ID in the post so that I can put your ID in the Entry Box).

2. Earn one entry for every person you refer to this blog (be sure they include their own eBay ID in their post AND your eBay ID as the referrer)

3. Earn 3 entries for every auction you win at PeppersAttic.

4. Earn 6 entries for every store purchase at PeppersAttic.

Join the fun ~ win prizes ~ let's make this a wonderful Spring together!!!

Dede Coulter

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Friends ~

Welcome to the PeppersAttic Blog.
Please take a moment to introduce yourself ~ name & interests, where you live, age is optional.